it's late, 1:09 am to be exact, and i'm exhausted as HELL. uh...yeah. crap, i was going to say something, but i completely forgot! man, i hate when that happens...

i'm still sick, and they still don't know why. i get to go to a cardiologist [my EKG from the doctor came back as 'borderline', whatever that means..] and a neurologist. thus continues my various doctor visits. so far it's... regular doctor and ENT [ear, nose, and throat doctor].

oh my god, i want a frosty-float. i just saw a commercial for it. looks tastyyyyyy and full of calories! bleh.

new obsession: j-rock in general... and Shou from Alice Nine. god, he is so freaking cute. no joke.

how can you not love him? look at that face! *glomps*

Alice Nine:

from bottom left, clockwise:
Saga, Tora, Nao, Hiroto[my other favorite], and Shou

left to right:
Tora, Saga, Shou, Nao, Hiroto

YAY. ♥~

le fin.