Hm.. okay well I'm slightly confused right now..
It's about Shou-kun. The problem is on the official website thing, it spells his name as "Syou" and I saw it spelled that way on the Alice Nine myspace. BUTTTTTTTTTTT I see it spelled "Shou" everywhere else! Gah, I want to KNOW HOW IT'S REALLY SPELLED.

It's causing me a ton of...I don't know.


That's what it's causing. Boo. Despite that, I still adore him. Hah. He's so pretty! How could someone NOT adore him?!

Mkay, my doctor appointments are as follows:
Next Wednesday - cardiologist. I personally find this to be a waste of time. The only reason I have to go is because the EKG from the doctor's came back as "borderline", whatever the eff that means. The EKG they did at the ER was fine.
Sometime in July - neurologist. Yeah, I know, it's super retarded that I have to wait that long. The funny thing is, they put my appointment down as "emergency" and that's why I got it for July instead of four months from now. week is the last week of school! I'm excited. I didn't go today because it's just too exhausting. But next week, three out of four days are half days(finals), so I should be okay. Crap, I was going to write something, but I forgot what I was going to write! GAH.

I guess I'll end this here.

Le fin.