Nyaaah~! I'm *probably* going to get my tongue pierced on Friday. How exciting is that? I'm kinda scared though, I'm not too good with pain. When I got my navel done, I nearly passed out afterwards when she was showing me how to clean it. Haha, I feel like such a dork. XD

BUT YEAH, it's über cool that my mom decided I could get it done. She told me before that I was never ever ever gonna get it done, but then she emails me today(from the basement(I'm upstairs in my room, haha)) asking if I want to go and get it done. I'm afraid it's gonna hurt way bad and I'm gonna cry/pass out/both or something and look like a fool.

Um, tomorrow is teh burning party! Fun fun. Goodbye to all of my school papersss! Ahah, but Jane says I have to bring my bathing suit or no Pendragon. GRRR NOT FAIR JANE! I was trying to save you, but no. You don't listen. *sigh* Fatty fats aren't supposed to wear bathing suits.

*cry* The only bathing suit I have is a two-piece! NOOOOOOOO!

le fin.