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ASLDKFJSDFH. I want to dye my hair. My mother won't let me.

It's not fair.

Okay.. I think there was going to be a reason for this post, however I can't really remember what it is now...

Whoopsies! Ahahahahahahahahaaa.

Tomorrow we're going clothes shopping for Florida. I want to go to the mall, 'cause I need some nifty new stuff that only the mall can give me. And I think I want to get some makeup or something. Y'know, the good kind? Not like crap drugstore stuff. ^_^



The end?
you know whats insane, is I still have it marked in my calander thing when your leaving for florida. It made me sad to see it when we were fighting.

Have fun. ^_^

i'm gonna have fun! i can't wait.