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I'm crazy.

No, I'm not even kidding.

I guess I'll explain why, since it may help. Probably won't, but whatever, I'm bored.

Okay, well, I like to be liked. I guess everyone does, but I dunno. I like when people like me, pay attention to me, etc., but I get mad if they stop. And example is this guy Chris at my sister's karate dojo. He had a mad crush on me, and even asked me out (he was ugly so I said no), then he got a girlfriend a little while later. She was ugly, fat, and her name was Brittany, which made me sad. Anyway, I was MAD AT HIM for dating someone, even though I don't like him, just because it meant he didn't like me! Gah! And this little 11 year old, and possibly a 14 year old, both also from karate, like me and it doesn't even creep me out that they're so young. I actually ENJOY the fact that they like me!
..I'm such a creep.
Oh to go with the whole me wanting people to like me, I don't want them to act on it unless I like them or find them attractive. YES, I'm extremely judgemental. Like this dude on myspace messaged me saying something about how my pictures were hot or something, and I was flattered until I saw his face, and wanted to throw up a little.

On the ugly note, I don't like talking to or being friends with ugly people. Yeah, sorry, that's how I am. I can't control it.

And, all I think about all the time is my weight. Yeah, normal female thing, but it controls my life. Everything I do is because of my weight. What I eat, what I wear, where I go, EVERYTHING. I don't want to wear things 'cause I look fat, and I don't even want to go anywhere because of the fact that I hate how I look. I hate shopping because I hate trying on clothes and buying them when I'm fat like this. IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF.

I'm a confusing person.. I hate my body/weight, but I want people to like me.
And I hate ugly people, when I find myself yucky(well, not my face).

GAH. Such is me.

I probably scared off some people just now. -_-'
Hmm..I wonder if Im one of those ugly people you dont like.?¿
And your beautyful and you know it.
As for the chris guy, you liked him for a little while.
Then you decided he was ugly (for some reason) and that you didnt want to go out with him.
But you are bee.
I loves you.
noooo, if you were ugly, i wouldn't be your friend right now!
yeah, i dunno why i liked him though..ehh, momentary lapse of judgement, i think.
YESH, bee is CRAY-ZAY.
loves you too.
(Deleted comment)
aw, why thank you.

ahaha, but i am a freak.. OH WELLZZ.
i can't wait for Harry Potter midnight showing!!