Well, I went to see the new Harry Potter movie today.

I guess I'll tell the entire story.

So I got up this morning, extremely excited to go to the movies. I'd been dying to see the new Harry Potter film, because the fifth book is my favorite.

As I'm waiting for it to start, I had butterflies in my stomach. Yes, I was THAT excited to see it! Pretty much immediately, I was in shock.

They changed everything.

They even changed the curtain Sirius dies from disappears behind.

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WERE THEY THINKING?! They couldn't leave ONE thing accurate?

Where was the circular, candle-filled room with all of the doors? Where was the brain room? Why were the Death Eaters(and Order members) clouds of smokey crap? Since when did so many people get detention?



Anyway, is it wrong to be jealous of Mr. Malfoy's hair? I'm seriously in love with it.

And is it wrong to want to smother Dolores Umbridge with her stupid pink cardigan?

On a lighter note, I was very pleased with the Luna they got. She matched the description of the character perfectly. I couldn't've found a better fitting actress if I tried.

I'm going to go do... something not HP related. Gugh, I need to get my mind off of the movie. It was a good movie, if you haven't read the book.

They killed my favorite book.

EDIT: Yes, I cried for Sirius. He's my favorite, and now... *sob*

EDITEDIT: I thought it over... and I don't hate it as much. But it still isn't one of my favorites.