Wow, so I've actually made it to the 30th entry. How exciting! ^_^
Haha, I tried to spell out 30th, yet I couldn't figure out which way was right..
Hm, maybe it's good that school is coming up so soon? What is it now, thirty-one days? Yes, I believe that's correct.

Well, let's(or would it just be lets?) see what's been going on lately...
Not much.
Gah, I want to see the Simpsons movie.
Spiderpig~! I'm coming for you~

I'm such a boring person; I apologize.

I was thinking about classes for next year.
Why did I have to choose AP Euro? I don't want to take that anymore! Too much work.
Maybe I'll go to the counselor when school starts and tell them I'm mentally incapable of taking that class. I'd rather take something easier, like AP Chem. Yeah, I'm fairly good at chemistry, so that'd be easier for me. XD

And I really hope I don't get lifeguarding. I change my mind about wanting to do that too. -_-'
I'll keep it, though, if it's 6th hour. Then I won't have to worry about my hair looking like complete shit the rest of the day.
Yeah, I've superficial. Boohoo.

I decided I want to be a photographer.
I'm going to move to Japan and be a photographer there. I want to mostly take photos for magazines and of bands during lives and such.
It sounds so amazingly fun to me.
I want to have a job where it's working...but not really. Haha, I'm so lazy!

I don't really know what else to write, so I guess I'll end this here.

I should really update more, but I never have anything to write about. Because I'm a boring person, haha.

Oh, right. I made some craptastic Potter Pals icons because I was super bored the other day. And I did a comparison of some jrockers..

Kanon-san is from An Cafe, and Aoi-san is from GazettE.
THEY LOOK LIKE TWINS. How freaking weird is that?!
But they're both so pretty. =3