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I'M SO MAD. I didn't go shopping. I want stuff!
We're going tomorrow. *sigh*

Today was the karate demonstration thing before the Florida tournament, and it was lame. I got really bored.

Nyah~! Ilovealicenine. Ahaha. Okay, I actually have nothing to write. I just wanted to get to entry number twenty. YAY ME.

le fin.
I'm crazy.

No, I'm not even kidding.

I guess I'll explain why, since it may help. Probably won't, but whatever, I'm bored.

Okay, well, I like to be liked. I guess everyone does, but I dunno. I like when people like me, pay attention to me, etc., but I get mad if they stop. And example is this guy Chris at my sister's karate dojo. He had a mad crush on me, and even asked me out (he was ugly so I said no), then he got a girlfriend a little while later. She was ugly, fat, and her name was Brittany, which made me sad. Anyway, I was MAD AT HIM for dating someone, even though I don't like him, just because it meant he didn't like me! Gah! And this little 11 year old, and possibly a 14 year old, both also from karate, like me and it doesn't even creep me out that they're so young. I actually ENJOY the fact that they like me!
..I'm such a creep.
Oh to go with the whole me wanting people to like me, I don't want them to act on it unless I like them or find them attractive. YES, I'm extremely judgemental. Like this dude on myspace messaged me saying something about how my pictures were hot or something, and I was flattered until I saw his face, and wanted to throw up a little.

On the ugly note, I don't like talking to or being friends with ugly people. Yeah, sorry, that's how I am. I can't control it.

And, all I think about all the time is my weight. Yeah, normal female thing, but it controls my life. Everything I do is because of my weight. What I eat, what I wear, where I go, EVERYTHING. I don't want to wear things 'cause I look fat, and I don't even want to go anywhere because of the fact that I hate how I look. I hate shopping because I hate trying on clothes and buying them when I'm fat like this. IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF.

I'm a confusing person.. I hate my body/weight, but I want people to like me.
And I hate ugly people, when I find myself yucky(well, not my face).

GAH. Such is me.

I probably scared off some people just now. -_-'
ASLDKFJSDFH. I want to dye my hair. My mother won't let me.

It's not fair.

Okay.. I think there was going to be a reason for this post, however I can't really remember what it is now...

Whoopsies! Ahahahahahahahahaaa.

Tomorrow we're going clothes shopping for Florida. I want to go to the mall, 'cause I need some nifty new stuff that only the mall can give me. And I think I want to get some makeup or something. Y'know, the good kind? Not like crap drugstore stuff. ^_^



The end?
WELL, me and Danielle are friends again! How exciting. It's crazy awesome, ahaha. YUP, she's muh girl.

So, update on tongue:
still sore.
still incredibly hard to eat. =/ i've been eating the same salad for like, a half hour.
it looks amazingly awesome! bahahahahahahahahahah.

Eight days until Florida. I'm excited, and not. I hate being a stupid fatty-fat and going because I have to wear shorts and bathing suits...BUT, I know I'm going to have fun.


Yum~!! I'm eating sushi california rolls. All they have is rice(duh) and cucumber. They are amazingly tasty. It's hard to eat though, because of my tongue(being pierced).

Stupid sore tongue. >:O
MIKU-SAMAAA~! He is so adorably kawaii. No joke.

So yeah, I did have fun in my stupid bathing suit. *fumefume* I hate to admit it though.. >:|

Well let me see...what to write about..? I dunno. Nothing interesting happened today, except some karate momma-drama. I'm not explaining it though, it's SUCH a long story -_-' Sometimes I wonder about people. I guess I can sum it up into one sentence:

A 39 year old woman has a mad infatuation with a 17 year old boy.

Yeah.....NOT NORMAL.

Ahahahahahahaha... le fin.
Nyaaah~! I'm *probably* going to get my tongue pierced on Friday. How exciting is that? I'm kinda scared though, I'm not too good with pain. When I got my navel done, I nearly passed out afterwards when she was showing me how to clean it. Haha, I feel like such a dork. XD

BUT YEAH, it's über cool that my mom decided I could get it done. She told me before that I was never ever ever gonna get it done, but then she emails me today(from the basement(I'm upstairs in my room, haha)) asking if I want to go and get it done. I'm afraid it's gonna hurt way bad and I'm gonna cry/pass out/both or something and look like a fool.

Um, tomorrow is teh burning party! Fun fun. Goodbye to all of my school papersss! Ahah, but Jane says I have to bring my bathing suit or no Pendragon. GRRR NOT FAIR JANE! I was trying to save you, but no. You don't listen. *sigh* Fatty fats aren't supposed to wear bathing suits.

*cry* The only bathing suit I have is a two-piece! NOOOOOOOO!

le fin.
teh haircut...is bitchin'Collapse )
I finally got my hair cut. I looooove it. A lot. I haven't taken any pictures yet, though, because I'm lazy. Hah, who would've guessed?

Since this is currently picture-less, I'll share with you my favorite picture of Nao (Alice Nine).

Nao-sanCollapse )